Project Name:
Sustainable Historic Districts

Project Objectives:
The main scope of the project is to create sustainable urban historic centres using the methoodologies of transformation and co-creation.

Valletta is a dynamic city which is going through a rapid change that has helped the city to regenerate its buildings and regain its splendour of the part, however, the regeneration process has adversely affected its residents.

Through our work in Valletta, we have brought together the main stakeholders to first identify sustainable projects that are relevant to the community within Valletta and secondly to work togther towards a common goal, that of transforming Valletta into a carbon neutral city. In order for us to be able to reach our objectives we have set up a governance board composed of the main stakehodlers of the city representing the public, private and the resident community in Valletta. The Board is managed by Paragon togther with the City of Valletta and an urban transformation manager.

The projects that have been identified by the community for the community include:

the identification of a logistics and a transport plan that would eliminate excessive traffic in Valletta;¬† the preparation of sustainability guidelines on which the city projects will be evaluated, a list of identity markers respecting¬† Valletta’s different disctricts and a series of community projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the community.

In Malta, the project is managed by Paragon Europe with Valletta Local Council, Valletta Design Cluster, Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation, the hotel sector and the Valletta Revival Residents Group as the main partners. We are also working with other pertinent entities such as the Malta Tourism Authority.

Our SUSHI Project partners are: University NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change Foundation, Sardinia ,Paragon Europe, Malta ,Cyprus Energy Agency, Cyprus, E-Zavod, Slovenia, IRE, Italy

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