RIS Accelerator Programme in Malta Start-ups supported in 2019

Start-ups supported in 2019.


Reooze is a company whose main aim is to reduce the plastic waste from the environment. The way thatReooze is tackling this problem is by collecting plastic waste from the local 3D printing community. This plastic is then recycled into a 3D printing filament that is more economical, greener and will be the first locally produced 3D printing filament thus reducing carbon emotions as well. Reooze is also planning on recycling a range of different plastics while also using the plastic produced for other manufacturing services.


VIVACITY LTD is an environmental and ecosystem services provider specialising in insulation treatments for buildings using the mediterranean ecosystem in the form of green roofs and green walls. These systems provide natural cooling during hot months and heat retention during cold months, dramatically reducing energy bills, sequestering carbon, providing flood relief, boosting local biodiversity and transforming Maltese roofs into living gardens. Both these systems are adapted to hot, arid climates, having very low watering needs.

Global Green Events


Global Green Events focus on creating sustainable events. International events are organised unsustainably with discarded resources cover festival grounds. Festivals and events involve the use of huge amounts of materials used to build infrastructure. Global Green Events main mission is to ensure that events and the supporting services produce less impact on the environment by providing advice on sourcing of sustainable products for events. 

Go Green Salon


The main mission of Green Salons, Zero Waste Salons, and offer ECO consultation, They aim to tackle waste (hair and product), toxic ingredients and reduce carbon footprint. They offer consultancy service for salons and help salons to have less impact on the environment. 

Greenroads Malta


Greeroads Malta is committed to reduce the carbon-footprint by reducing the use of cars and promoting car sharing. Their solution is twofold:  first, they have launched a flagship product through a smartphone application called; BREEZE that makes it easy for licensed car owners to use sustainable methods of transportation especially during rush hour. The effective use of the app, which currently facilitates carpooling at the University of Malta, in turn reduces private car use and leads to less cars on our roads. A reward system is integrated to ensure citizens are rewarded for their positive actions, thus being a catalyst for positive behavioural and social change, promoting responsible and sustainable mobility. Secondly, Greenroads Malta aims to raise further awareness and inspire a positive change in mobility behaviours in Malta by encouraging green mobility in the workplace, university, workshops, and events.

The Veg Box


The direct relationship between farmers and consumers has been severed over the past decades, when this is an important factor to boost the local supply chain. They would like to recreate the link that will create value for both parties. Customers learn from their farmers, who in turn stay in tune with sustainable practices.

Park Life Malta

Park Life Malta – is an innovative high-tech application addressing parking challenges. 

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