RIS Accelerator Programme in Malta Start-ups supported in 2018

Start-ups supported in 2018.

On April 16 2018 EIT Climate-KIC Hub Malta selected six teams, which later were transformed into new start ups. Their projects are tackling very urgent problems Malta is facing right now, including waste management, traffic circulation, and CO2 emissions. The teams had a chance to pitch their ideas on during the kick-off meeting, which took place in the Malta Life-Science Park on the 6th of June.

The teams are composed of young, qualified, experts that Climate-KIC has brought together, therefore creating a growing community of bright minds that will bring innovation to the area of climate-change related solutions and technologies. It’s this type of project that will make life more sustainable of citizens of Malta, Europe, and even of the whole world.


Consultancy on workshops for installations made from waste items in schools and colleges; 2. Team building exercises for private organizations using their own waste products; 3. Educational material and art exhibitions promoting the awareness of climate change and promoting the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – in that order; 4. Creating innovative designs for artist’s tools and sundries from materials that cannot be recycled and would otherwise go to landfill.

Global Green Events Malta

Global Green Events aims to inspire and empower people to create positive change in the environment and socially through sustainability initiatives.
Unsustainable event management often creates negative media perception around events, impacting the local environment and visitors experience. Global Green Events’ aim is to support the event industry to become more sustainable through the supply of two main solutions: an online source of information to provide events organizers with guidance and skills to empower the switch to sustainable event practices, and national policies development and implementation support together with one to one consultancy and advice as required.


Our start-up in Malta, VIVACITY LTD, brings an innovative technology for cooling the built environment by mimicking the local ecosystem. The technology uses green roof and green wall systems which act as insulation layers on the building, actively drawing heat out during the hot summer months and reducing heat loss in the winter months. In line with recently revised EU legislation on energy efficiency requirements for buildings, our green roofs and walls significantly improve the energy efficiency of the buildings they are applied to

Fetchit Malta

Fetchit is an on-demand delivery company that believes in revolutionizing the mobility sector. Our aim is to allow urban citizens to run errands and move goods without relying on a private vehicle. By doing this we believe we can have a positive impact on traffic congestion and CO2 emissions thus making tomorrow’s urban life more convenient, cleaner and ultimately more sustainable.

Green roads

Greenroads Malta is a socio-environmental initiative, intended to reduce private car use & reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by encouraging and rewarding sustainable transport through a mobile solution


Off the shelf light fittings are not expensive to buy but are mass-produced and lack that personalized touch that makes any product the more desirable. With the introduction of Rapid Prototyping Technology, mass customization is just as cost effective as mass production. The online platform allows users to modify the shape and form of the light fitting and the back-end algorithm prepares the files for laser cutting, milling or 3d printing. Each job can be fundamentally different from the previous – in shape, size and form.

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