Sliema Council final event of AMIF project

On April 2nd 2019, Dr. Nadia Theuma, Project Manager for Climate KIC Malta, and Executive Director Paragon Europe delivered an information session on the importance of waste separation and recycling to a group of young immigrants and their parents as part of an AMIF project on Social Integration led by Sliema Local Council.  

The theme was introduced through a simple workshop on recycling and it was backed-up by a powerpoint and the video “I am the Earth” at the end of the intervention, the children participating were given a spider plant as a token which was, entirely built composed out of recycled materials.

The powerpoint covered the basic stages of the recycling process, theoretically and practically as well providing examples of where different waste should be thrown, with a focus on the Maltese waste recycling system.

Finally, numbers and data were shown to enhance the importance and efficiency of the waste recycling process.

For the event, the Minister for Education Hon Evarist Bartolo was in attendance as where high officials of the Sliema Local Council and the Ministry for Education.  Sliema Local Council is one of the Climate KIC Malta Hub partners, having participated in our project Urban Challenges in 2018.
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