Project Name:
Climate Risk Information for SupportIngADAptation Planning and operaTion– Phase II (CRISI ADAPT)

Project Objectives:
The project aims to create climate services on a continuous timescale to reduce the gap between technical climate information and the end-user needs with a real-time validation

Malta is  sdeemed to a safe island however this is a big misconception since high urban density and years of unplanned  development have rendered the Maltese Islands extremely vulnerable to climate-related problems.

There is an immediate need address these issues  and equip the challenge owners with adequate skills and know-how so that they can be prepared to address climate-related challenges in an appriate and timely manner.

In Malta we are working with RED CROSS MALTA and other first responders, and other members of the Knowledge Triangle such as Civil Protection, Insurance Companies and researchers to build advance  knowledge on the possible impact that climate disaters could have on the Maltese Islands
Throughout 2019 we built our network of lcoal actors and conducted the study on historical data on Climtate-related disasters experienced in Malta during the past 100 years, with more emphasis on the last 40 years

Contact Person Neil Mallia

Crisi - AdaptII Summary Brief :

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