Introducing Malta’s

Climate-KIC Team

Our Malta Climate-KIC is composed of new and old members, some of us have been involved in the Climate KIC network since 2016, when we joined in. Others have joined the team as work became more complex and of course more interesting! The following are the main persons involved in the annual activities of Climate KIC. We are also thankful to other persons who are not listed here but who with their dedication and attention to detail ensure that our activities run smoothly and also ensure that our activities are as climate friendly as much as possible.

Climate KIC Main Team


Dr. NADIA THEUMA, CLIMATE KIC Project Manager possesses a Doctorate in the development, marketing and management of cultural tourism, from the Scottish Hotel School at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and a Masters in Social Anthropology from the University of Malta. 

SHe has taught at the University of Malta and other Universities for the past 22 years. She has been actively involved in the Climate KIC project since 2016. She is responisble for the PIP programme and the Sustainable Historic Districts project. 



Dr. Anthony Theuma, CEO Paragon Europe is the leading expert in innovation and smart specilaisation. He has a Doctorate Degree in Knowledge Economy and participated and managed various EU cofunded projects. He has also provided assistance to clients seeking business advice, EU funding and investor funding. Dr. Theuma advises public and private organisations on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is involved at an EU level on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Smart Specialisation. He is an appointed Smart Specialisation Expert by DG Regio and was also instrumental in the setting up of the SME Instrument programme. Anton is active in the Education and Innovation Projects under Climate KIC.

John Watt

Urban Transformation Manager 

John joined Paragon in 2020 as Urban Transformation Manager. Before this, he worked for nearly five years at ICLEI in the Sustainable Economy and Procurement Team. He has worked on a range of sustainable, circular and innovation procurement focused projects including the Big Buyers Initiative, SPP Regions, BuyZET and innovation Procurement Brokers. John has co-authored EU publications such as the Buying Social Guide (2nd ed.), Buying Green! Handbook (3rd ed.) and Procura+ Manual (3rd Ed.), and provided support to public procurement practitioners through training sessions and two different GPP Helpdesk services operated by European Institutions. He was part of the team publishing the GPP News Alert and responsible for communications and activities of the Global Lead Cities Network on Sustainable Procurement, and the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network. He has a PhD in sustainable procurement and a master’s degree in Environmental Entrepreneurship. Previous to his ICLEI role, he worked on a variety of public sector sustainable procurement projects in Scotland, including for a social housing association. He was also a voluntary Director on board of the Argyll and Bute Social Enterprise Network.



Brian Camilleri, Senior entrepreneurial executive with over 35 years of experience in administration, operations, personnel including recruitment & HR, procurement, sales and marketing. at corporate level for both start-ups and established entities. Brian joined Paragon in 2018 and he assists our Climate KIC teams of Accelerators and our PIPs in the development of business proposals.



Nicole Klaesener-Metzner, is our newly appointed Pioneers in Practice Head Coach. She is a Humanitarian and International Collaboration specialist and trainer, in the private sector, UN and non-profit experience in global settings. She has expertise in climate change and environment programming, emergency management and preparedness, country level representation and operational management, advocacy, fundraising and communication, change management and workshop development and facilitation.

She is currently pursuing a career in the humanitarian or development sector with a focus on public health as a factor of sustainable community development, poverty reduction and community empowerment. She sees resilience as a strategic entry point for social and economic development and believes that targeted investments in behaviour change are crucial to achieving improved living conditions at scale, responding to the challenges of climate change.



Ivan Sulev has been involved in the entrepreneurial world for the past 9+ years. With this entrepreneurial and business experience, Ivan has been able to combine successfully business strategy with improved customer and user experience with the exploits of innovative technologies, thus, create improved business value. Successfully lead companies into the Experience Economy, curating and maintaining a holistic user, business, and technology appropriate experience. Ivan joined Paragon in January of 2019 and he is the Accelerator Head Coach and is also involved in the Smart Sustainable District Project – SUSHI in creating the financial ecosystems.


Ms Maria Borg holds a Bachelor Degree in Management after she finished her studies at the University of Malta. Ms Borg comes with number of years of experience in the tourism sector.

Ms Borg has been employed with Paragon Limited for the last 8 years, having started her career at Paragon as Personal Assistant to the CEO and Executive Director. Today, she occupies the position of a Senior Manager responsible for the Company’s legal sphere, Compliance and Human Resources. Ms Borg is responsible for the ISO certification of Paragon. Maria, is giving support to the Climate KIC Team in the setting up of the PPP structure under the Sustainable Historic District Project


Mr. Neil Mallia is a Research Officer at Paragon Europe on environment and climate change-related projects. He holds a B.Sc. in Earth Systems Science and a M.Sc. in Oceanography from the University of Malta and is very interested in the processes of climate change in the present and throughout Earth history.’ Neil joined our team in January and he is responsible for the CRISI ADAPT project.


Carl Pace has a Bachelor Degree in Management at the university of Malta. Carl was previously responsible for running a business in the construction industry being responsible for large faced paced projects in Malta in the hospitality, education and health industries. For his Bachelor’s Degree, Carl completed his thesis on internationalization of family run businesses. At Paragon Carl occupies the position as senior manager for the financial management and administration. Carl has been active in Climate KIC activities since 2017 and is responsible for the overall administration, overseeing of events and ensuring that Climate KIC event adhere to low carbon protocol adopted by Paragon in 2018. His background in the constrcution industry is also useful in our innovation projects.

Sarah Calleja's

SARAH CALLEJA joined Paragon in 2018. Sarah provides input into the SUSHI project and has during 2019 also participated in the Climathon project.

Communications and IT


Andrii Debrivskyy holds an Engineering degree from University of Information Technology and Management in Poland with a diploma on “Application for Android system of analysis of environment conductivity using Arduino and Spark Gap Tesla Coil”. He has also been awarded for innovation under the “Generacja Przyszłości” Programme by the Ministry of Education of Poland. Mr Debrivskyy holds the position of IT Manager at Paragon Europe managing a team of five individuals and also coordinating also an IT backup team in Ukraine. Through a solid understanding of application development, computer programming and architecture design, teams are able to deliver cutting edge solutions that consistently meet complex business requirements. Andriy provides all the IT back-up needed for the smooth running of our Climate KIC activities.


STEFANIA MANGONE has a background training in tourism and is in posession of an MBA. With a  background in sales and computing, Stefania, is responsible for the social media pages of Climate KIC Hub Malta and the respective projects covered by the Hub. Stefania forms part of our Climathon Team, together with Carl and Sarah.


GILBERT ROSS has more than 16 years of experience in marketing and data analysis. Gilbert supports our Climate KIC team on media and communications.

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