Climate KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community, working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), Climate-KIC identifies and supports innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change. We believe that a decarbonized, sustainable economy is not only necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change, but presents a wealth of opportunities for business and society.

Climate-KIC has its corporate office in London, UK, and leverages centers across Europe to support start-up companies, to bring together partners on innovation projects and to educate students to bring about a connected, creative transformation of knowledge and ideas into products and services that help mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Climate-KIC is currently active in 24 countries and has 28 offices across Europe, including the major cities of Brussels, London, Paris, and Berlin.

Our office in Brussels also helps coordinate our activities with other EU initiatives and supports our regional representations, while our EIT Cross-KIC Global Outreach programme support our international growth in ChinaUSA and Israel.

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