EIT Climate-KIC Malta

EIT Climate-KIC Malta

Climate-KIC Malta is the Maltese Centre of Climate Change for Innovation, as part of the European Initiative Climate-KIC, one of the Knowledge Innovation Communities launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It is created and supported by Paragon Europe in 2016. You can also view the EIT website in your language here and the EIC regional innovation scheme RIS+ here

Malta, with a unique geographical setting, is extremely susceptible to climate change and its effects. The Maltese government has identified innovation as one of the key ingredients to not only come up with necessary solutions to climate change but also for catching up with other smaller European Union member states in terms of industrial and academic performance. Malta’s involvement in the EIT RIS helps to develop the country’s local innovation ecosystem while boosting its potential to tackle the adverse effects of climate change. Our Maltese headquarter is located in Mosta.

We promote a new model of a sustainable economy based on competitiveness, and economic growth and creation of green employment, to promote a sustainable economy within the innovation domain and to face the challenge of global warming.

Climate-KIC Malta’s main objectives

  • Provide information and expertise for policymakers and professionals in order to make Malta sustainable and smart.
  • Facilitate the development of a low carbon economy through providing experts supporting, coaching and mentoring to participants involved in Climate-KIC activities, e.g. companies, pioneers, students and alumni, based on a multi-actor approach, contributions drawing on an expertise of the Maltese partnership.
  • Implement Valletta declaration, adopted after the “Towards Zero Carbon Economy Beyond 2030” conference.
  • Provide dedicated advice and support initiatives in order to make Malta a cleantech innovation center in the Mediterranean.
  • Coordinate and integrate Climate-KIC innovation, education, entrepreneurship, and outreach activities in Malta.
  • Support the research and its implementation concerning climate change.
  • Develop a clear strategical dimension by drawing on Climate-KIC practice to develop reports on lessons learned and effective practice.
  • Energize and strengthen the international relations for the cooperation in the fight against climate change.
  • Contribute to the civil society’s awareness and consciousness-raising.
  • Implement Valletta declaration, adopted after the “Towards Zero Carbon Economy Beyond 2030” conference.
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